I would like to come for a session - what happens now?

Please message me via my contact page. I will come back to you and we can arrange a time to speak on the phone and discuss how we might take things further. If we both agree we are a good fit as practitioner and client, I will send you my intake form so that you can go into more detail about what you would like to work on. This enables me to give you the best possible teaching experience.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are £125/hour.

How long are the sessions?

Usually a minimum of two hours. There is a lot in our sexual lives, inner and outer, that we rarely get the chance to share in daily life.

What happens in our first session?

Our first session will involve talking (and likely tea), while we work out what you need and how we can work together.

What about confidentiality?

What happens in our sessions stays confidential. As part of my remit as a practitioner, I attend regular supervision with another CSB (Certified Sexological Bodyworker) coach to make sure my practice is as good as it can be.

Practice location(s)

Central London.

Do I have to be naked in session?

Definitely not. Sessions can be fully clothed all the way along if that is best for our work. Your levels of comfort are paramount.

How are you certified?

My trainers are members of the Institute of Somatic Sexology in Australia, which provides the certification.

Are you insured?

Yes, with BGI

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How do I know you are an ethical practitioner?

I am committed to giving my clients a safe and boundaried experience – particularly because exploratory work of this nature can take us to edges we may not realise we had, as well as expand us further than we had ever thought possible. To this end, I am a member of ASIS, the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists, and abide by their ethical code.