How much does it cost?

Sessions are £125/hour.

How long are the sessions?

Usually a minimum of two hours. There is a lot in our sexual lives, inner and outer, that we rarely get the chance to share in daily life.

Practice location(s)

North/central London.

What happens in our first session?

Our first session will involve talking only, while we work out what you need and how we can work together.

Do I have to be naked in session?

Definitely not. Sessions can be fully clothed all the way along if that is best for our work. Your levels of comfort are paramount. Please note: I, the practitioner, remain clothed at all times, and any touch we negotiate is one-way only, from practitioner to client.

Why is the touch one-way only?

One-way touch gives you the freedom to ask for what you want without any pressure on you to do or be anything, and without the practitioner being drawn into what we call 'partner engagement' which could detract from the learning. It also creates a clear boundary - very often our sexual histories contain times when boundaries were not clear.

Important note, for clarity: 

Sexological Bodywork is an educational practice during which we both decide what course of action is most beneficial for you. So this isn't what you might call 'menu work' – in other words, I don't take requests for specific practices or experiences outside the context of a negotiated working relationship.

I have read this page and I would like to book a session with you - what happens now?

  1. Please message me via my contact page.
  2. If I feel your enquiry is better suited to another practitioner, I will offer suggestions by email. Otherwise, I will come back to you to arrange a phone call and discuss how we might take things further.
  3. If we both agree we are a good fit as practitioner and client, we will then make an in-person appointment for a first session, which will be at least an hour.

How are you certified?

My trainers are members of the Institute of Somatic Sexology in Australia, which provides the certification.

Are you insured?

Yes, with BGI

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I am a member of ASIS, the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists, and abide by their ethical code. As part of my remit as a practitioner, I attend regular supervision with another CSB (Certified Sexological Bodyworker) coach.