Sexological Bodywork - My Mission as a Practitioner

[iphoto of the steering wheel and dashboard of a red vintage sports car]

[iphoto of the steering wheel and dashboard of a red vintage sports car]

Why I do this work

I decided to start this blog by focusing on why I do what I do, so I guess you could call this a mission statement. I will undoubtedly add to it as I go along. 

(1) I do this work because it didn't exist when I really needed it. I and many others have had too many experiences where we were left hanging with nowhere to go, after medical practitioners and therapists had run out of ideas to help us. This is not the fault of individuals, but of the system as a whole. 

(2) I do this work because sex education for young people (and adults) in this country (ok everywhere) is terrible. It is shame based and fear based, highly gendered, culturally conservative, and has little to do with consent - and nothing whatsoever to do with pleasure. Its influence lingers on throughout our lives.

(3) I do this work because much of the sexual information accessible by adults through the media is cliched, sensationalist and unhelpful, confining people to very rigid roles that frequently do not suit them – and never did. 

(4) I do this work because of the great number of people still hiding in shadow, who seek to emerge into the world as sexual beings but cannot quite bring themselves to. This may be because of religious or cultural strictures, minority identity, or trauma, whether in childhood or as an adult. 

(5)  I do this work because there are times when talk is not enough. It can be very helpful for sure, but sometimes embodied practice, whether movement or touch, can take you further and deeper. 

(6) I do this work because it is the culmination of years spent exploring my mind and body in different ways. Somatic sex education brings it all together.

Welcome to Body Sexology.


This image jumped out at me when I was looking for something to go with this post. The more I looked at it, the more meaning I saw that feels very relevant to sexological bodywork. I imagined sitting in it and mapping the interior. I love the red, the shinyness, the different textures, and the potential for speed and travelling long distances. The fact that a vintage car takes conscious work to keep it in top condition. And of course the feeling of starting a journey. Only after a little while did I remember the Prince song, Little Red Corvette. I found a lot there to reflect on...